3 Things Cam Girls Do to Try to Get You to Tip More

In the middle of getting funky with a cam girl that you’re really attracted to, nothing is more of a mood killer than when she stops the show and starts telling everyone to start tipping more. That can be a real bummer. It might even make you move on to another show. However, just because a cam girl isn’t outright telling you that she wants to see you tip more, she’s still going to be trying things to make it happen. You need to be on the lookout for the tactics that most cam models use to try and get you to tip more. Of course, it’s all fine if you don’t mind the extra tips, but if you’re on a budget, you need to know when to hold on to them. In this article, we’ll tip you off to three things that cam girls do to make this work in their favor. You’ll be able to save tokens and keep on enjoying the show in no time when you’re through. Here’s what you can learn.

They’ll Stop the Show In the Middle of Things

As we’ve already discussed, some models will simply stop the show. However, some models take this a step further. They will actually have the whole show structured so that an app makes sure everyone is continuously tipping. If it doesn’t, it will warn everyone that the show is stopping and won’t continue until there are more tips. This makes for a very boring, stuttery show. Who wants to watch the girl keep hiding herself and getting dressed again? That’s not what you showed up for at all. You shouldn’t stand for it. Leave the room in protest and find a better model.

They’ll Run Games Where Most Tips Win Nothing

Speaking of games, you might also see models run games like keno or a token lottery where you tip to win prizes. At least, that’s what they tell you. The reality is that the majority of tips don’t win any prizes at all. The chances of you being able to win something off the board are very small. Why would you want to waste your tokens on a game like that? You need to have some kind of guaranteed payoff if you’re going to participate. Otherwise, it’s just a big money pit. You shouldn’t get sucked into it.

They’ll Wear Lots of Clothes to Play Strip Games

Finally, you might have the situation where a cam model declares that a strip game will be played. For every so many tokens or tips, one item of clothing will come off. What’s the catch? It’s simple: they’re wearing a ton of layers. It might take well over an hour or even two before she’s halfway naked. That’s boring. You should skedaddle out of that room and find a better, more exciting cam to watch. You don’t want to throw away your tokens on a tip that results in the model just taking one sock off. Forget about it! Move on along.


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