4 Reasons Never to Use Cam to Cam Viewing

Sometimes there is an option for you to use cam to cam viewing when you are in a private chat with your cam girl. It might seem like an interesting way to get to know your cam girl, or it might even come across as sexier. The short and long of that thought is that it is not going to go that way at all. Cam to cam viewing really only adds unnecessary awkwardness and complication around something that should be straightforward and easy. If you want more intimacy, there are better ways to do it than letting her see you the way that you see her, and in general you will have a better time if you don’t use two way camera. Here are just a few reasons it’s better for both you and her to avoid cam to cam viewing.

No Anonymity

You can’t be low profile if you allow your cam girl to see your face. Think of how awkward it would be if you ever met in real life, by some chance, and she knew your face. It would be very uncomfortable for everyone involved, not just you. There is always an advantage to keeping yourself relatively anonymous on the Internet, and cam to cam viewing takes that away. In general it is best to keep a low profile, especially if you have a falling out with her later or she blocks you.

Throw off Her Rhythm

It might be more difficult for your cam girl to get into her state of pleasure if you change something at the last minute. Much of the time, people get into a rhythm of how they go about certain things, and getting thrown a curveball is the quickest way to make things more difficult for her, and then by extension, you. If you just keep things as they usually are, it will doubtlessly be less of a challenge for the both of you to get going.

Jacking Off

It might not be great for her to watch you jacking off to her performance. If you plan on masturbating, it just isn’t a good idea to let her see you through your webcam. It is unlikely that she wants to watch you pleasure yourself, and she will let you know if that is something that she would like to see. Masturbating is rarely a sexy or graceful thing. Just save yourself the trouble by just avoiding cam to cam viewing in general.


There is also pressure to look good if she can see you. Normally, you probably wouldn’t care what you were wearing or what you looked like if you were watching a cam girl, but if she can see you that changes. There is then pressures to look like you are making an effort, or you might turn her off or gross her out. The thing is that dressing up and looking good is not why you are visiting a cam girl in the first place. Your experience will be guaranteed more enjoyable with less pressure on you, so there is no reason for you to add the extra stressor of cam to cam viewing.


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