5 Things You Should Never Say to a Cam Girl

Looking at cam sites for the first time can be hard. Many guys don’t say anything at all in chat at first, or they say too much and get themselves banned. How can you know what to say? What are some of the mistakes to avoid? Here’s five things you might not realize can get you in trouble with a cam girl when you’re new.

“I’ll Pay Anything”

Sure, it’s easy to get attached if you haven’t done a lot of cam viewing. It feels pretty special having her do things for you, right? That’s the thrill of cam sites… but it can also be one of the traps of cam sites. Remember that she’s doing this for money, and if you get too attached to her, she can drain your wallet dry in a heartbeat. If you’re making special requests or asking for private shows, ask her the price first, don’t give her your financial limits… or she won’t have any hesitations about jacking up the price as high as you’re willing to pay. That’s supply and demand for you.

Getting Dirtier Than the Rest of the Chat

Most cam sites let girls choose who to keep in their channels and who to kick out. In other words, seeing what other people are saying in public chat is a good guide to the kinds of things she likes to hear. Getting raunchy can go over well with some girls, but others don’t want to see too much of that in chat, and you might get yourself kicked if you go over her personal limits. If everybody’s talking dirty to her in chat, you can bet that she likes it that way. If nobody’s talking dirty, it’s a good sign that she kicks the guys who do.

Too Much Praise

Every girl likes a “Damn, you’re hot.” Compliments can get you into her list of faves – use them when you like what she’s doing, and she’ll respond! But you don’t want to go overboard with the praise. There’s only two ways that can go: she’ll think you’re a stalker and you’ll get yourself kicked, or she’ll think you’re a sap and you’ll end up in the same boat as the “I’ll pay anything” guy. Let her know you like her, but don’t let her know you like her any more than the next hot cam girl on the sidebar ad.

Too Much Negging

You’re not picking her up, you’re buying her time. Trying pickup techniques won’t get you far. Where you can use them, though, is when you’re trying to get her to do something special: “you’d be so hot if you wore your shirts a little lower cut” might just get you what you want.

“Would You Date Me”

Don’t go there. Do some guys end up snagging pole dancers and cam girls? Sure, but that’s not what they’re doing it for. A singles bar is a better place to pick up a boyfriend; a cam site is a place to pick up cash. If she wants to date you, she’ll come on to you, and you can go with it from there. If you’re the one making the come-ons, she’ll string you along for extra private fees and sky-high tips… and all you’re going to get out of her is an empty wallet.


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