5 Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe when Visiting Cam Sites

You’ve heard that visiting adult sites can put your computer at risk for viruses. That doesn’t mean that you should never visit them. It’s possible to view porn sites or cam sites without putting your computer at risk. Just follow a few simple security tips, and you can enjoy cam sites with no worries.

Here’s the top five tricks for keeping your computer safe when you’re visiting a cam site!

Use an Up to Date Antivirus

If you don’t have a good, regularly updated antivirus installed, you’re taking a big risk with your files. Don’t assume that you’re safe just because you’re using a Mac computer or a mobile device to access the Internet. Although viruses that affect Windows are still the most common kind, any device can be at risk. Don’t pinch pennies on your antivirus, either: buy a full-featured, reputable program. Free antiviruses usually are meant for trial only, and don’t offer vital features like automatic scans or automatic virus definition updates.

Steer Clear of Sites that Ask You to Install Software

Streaming video sites shouldn’t need you to install additional software or browser extensions in order to play the video. If a site asks you to install special software, that’s a red flag. Many virus downloads disguise themselves as something harmless, but your computer’s default security settings will warn you if something’s being downloaded and installed. Unless you’re planning to download software, and you’re confident it’s safe, cancel the download or installation, run a virus scan right away, and stay away from that site in the future.

Use an Adblocker

Not every threat on a compromised website comes from the site itself. In fact, advertising and other plug-ins are common avenues for attacks that redirect you to another, harmful website or infect your computer directly. When you’re visiting cam sites, use an adblocker or script blocker like NoScript or AdBlock. You’ll cut out a lot of the risk to your computer, and a lot of the annoyance or distraction of sidebar advertising, too!

Be Careful with Email

You’re going to get a lot of spam email to any email account that you use to sign up for a cam site. Some of those spam emails are likely to have dangerous attachments. Be extra careful with your email hygiene: either use a throwaway web email account that you don’t check, or, if you want to be sure you get important messages, avoid opening any unexpected email with an attachment. Some of them may look legitimate, but if you’re not expecting it, it’s likely to be a fake.

Keep Backups

Some viruses can damage all of the data on your computer. If you’re careful with email attachments, downloads and adblocker use, you probably will never get one… but if the worst happens, you need to have a recent backup of all of your data. It’s easy to set up online backups, or use an external hard drive that you plug in to keep a local copy of your important files. Don’t put this off until something bad happens. Personal files, work and financial information, local email inboxes: a virus that damages your data can be a terrible loss. Set up backups now, and you’ll have clean copies that you can transfer to a new computer if the worst happens.


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