How to Keep Your Cam Site Spending Private

Visiting cam sites is fun, but it can be expensive… and hard to explain to your spouse or anyone else you share finances with. Keeping your tracks hidden on your computer won’t help to preserve your privacy if there are unexplained debits showing up on your credit card statements. How can you visit cam sites discreetly, without your spending tipping off your partner?

Here are a few tips that will keep you safe – and might help to keep your finances in good order, too.

Use a Separate Account

You should never use a joint account for cam site spending. Even if the site has arranged for its debits to show up with a discreet name, regular debits from the same source without any explanation are going to set off alarm bells. Use an account that’s yours alone, and divert money into it that you intend to use for cam site spending. If you’re concerned that setting up a separate account might ring alarm bells on its own – for instance, if you start getting email notifications about it on a shared email address – consider suggesting to your partner that both of you should have personal accounts for personal spending, and use a joint account for your larger living expenses. This can help you budget, too, because you’ll be setting aside all the money necessary to cover your expenses, and only using discretionary cash for your cam site bills. No more worries about getting too into a session and overspending your limits!

Use a Separate Email

The things that will get you caught for cam site spending are the same kinds of things that will get you caught if you’re having an affair. Messages to shared email are one of the classic mistakes. Never, ever sign up for a camsite using an email address that will be downloaded to inboxes on a shared computer or that your partner has the login information for. You should use a web email like Gmail or Hotmail, possibly one set up just for the purposes of using cam sites, that you can log into, check and then log out of without any concerns about your partner getting to the inbox first and seeing messages from your favorite sites.

Be Careful Buying Gifts

Some cam girls will suggest that, instead of tips, you buy them gifts from their Amazon wishlists or from other big shopping sites. Especially with Amazon, it’s easy to get into trouble this way. Amazon saves your log-in information and lets you buy items with a minimum of clicks, and that can mean that you accidentally buy a gift for a cam girl from a shared account… or from an account that sends your purchase information to a shared email. Unless you want to explain it to your partner, you should be very careful with purchases outside the cam site that are going to cam girls. Setting up your Amazon account so that it debits your personal, non-shared bank account is a good idea that can head off those kinds of mistakes without needing you to be careful every time.

With a bit of forethought, you can save yourself a lot of trouble getting found out!


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