Reasons Why You Should Never Take a Chat Room Moderator for Granted

If you’re like most guys, you just assume that all you need to worry about on a cam site is which set of ass and titties you’re going to settle on for a steamy private cam session. For the most part, this is pretty much all you’re going to have to worry about. However, there are some other things you should take into consideration, especially if you’re bumming around a cam girl’s chat room a lot of the time. How you behave in her chat room can actually influence your chances with her. This might not make sense, being as it’s her job to get naked and naughty for paying customers just like you, but you need to keep in mind that she has the ability to say no if she’s not interested. In order to make sure that your chances of booking a hot private session with her stay high, you need to understand why you should never take her chat room moderator for granted.

They See Everything

Chat room moderators are always in a chat room in order to police and make sure that nobody gets too out of hand. Given the fact that a chat room on a cam site basically revolves around a bunch of horny guys competing to get the attention of a very sexy cam model, this might be tough to do. The moderator needs to make sure that nobody gets too offensive, which means that if you think that you’re going to win the model over by giving her a very detailed description of all the things you’d do to her if she was with you in person, you’re probably going to get your ass banned from the chat room. And once that happens, she may even decide to ban you from ever getting another show from her. No matter how horny you are or how much she’s flirting with you in chat, keep in mind that there’s always someone watching. Kind of creepy, huh?

They Can Advise

The cam girls that are successful enough to have their own chat rooms are often on good terms with the person moderating their chat room. This means that if anybody in the chat room is making a cam model uncomfortable, she can ask the moderator to either warn the person in question or ban them completely. However, a moderator can also advise a cam girl on which dudes seem okay and which seem way too freaky. Chances are good that she’ll listen to the moderator being as it’s their job to keep the room from getting too out of hand. So if you’ve been marked by the moderator as a problem due to your behaviour, don’t be surprised if your days of getting private sessions from that particular cam girl are over.

They Can Help

Chat rooms on cam sites are sometimes like cesspools of stupidity. Arguments and verbal abuse often abound. Fortunately, the moderators are there to prevent that kind of thing from going too far, so don’t be afraid to approach one if you’re on the receiving end of some verbal abuse from other users.


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