What To Do When Offered Free Services By A Cam Girl

In a performer-customer relationship, certain boundaries are set. Customers pay a certain amount for a certain time with certain limits set. Most of the time, the customer tips to encourage better performance or support the cam girl. On rare occasions, though, the cam girl will offer additional services to the client. This could mean an extended session, or even a free one. If a cam girl has offered you something special and unexpected, it can be tempting to jump on the offer as quick as you can. Truth is, things aren’t so simple. If a cam girl offers you free services, there are a few points you should take into consideration. This doesn’t mean turning them down, but going into the situation with both eyes open.

What Are Her Motives?

If she’s offering something for free, she has a reason for doing so. Sometimes, it’s out of appreciation for a customer. Perhaps you’ve been a really good customer and she wants to keep you around. Giving you free time means she can spend more time with you. Also, giving you incentives will help keep people as regular customers. You’ll have more of a reason to stick around if you’re getting free stuff every once in a while. The offer is not always born from affection, though. Sometimes she’s just trying to maintain a client base, and trying to give every client a reason to stick around. Or, the reason could be born from things going on behind the scenes. There are things happening that you have no idea about. Again, this is no reason to turn down this offer of services. Just know that she offered them for a reason.

Is It Safe?

Before taking any free things, check to make sure they’re really free. Are there no strings attached? Does she expect nothing in return? Be wary of any situation that requires going onto different site, even if it would mean better chatting. Also be cautious of any time a performer wants you to re-enter credit card information, even if it should lead to a massive discount.

Don’t Expect More

Here’s the big one. Once you have taken free services offered by a cam girl, let the matter lie. Assuming this is the first time, don’t expect her to offer them again. Even if it becomes a regular thing, don’t count on it. Bothering a cam girl about free things is a quick way to lose her favor and any chance of getting them in the future. Clients who insist on special treatment rarely get it unless they have the money to back it up. Just because she offered them once does not mean she will, or needs to, again.

Continue your client-performer relationship as it was before. Don’t let it get to your head that she has offered free things. Sometimes, customers can jump to conclusions. They start to think a performer who offers them free things has feelings for them. Bringing this idea up is one of the fastest ways to throw even the best performer-client relationship into jeopardy.


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