Why the Personality of a Cam Girl Matters

Sure, personality matters when you’re looking for a girlfriend to actually take on date or move in with, but why should it matter with a cam model? After all, they’re all online to make some cash by pleasing their audience and putting on a great show. It’s not that complicated. Right? The reality is that cam girls’ shows go on for hours and hours at a time. If you stick around from beginning to the finale, you’re going to be witnessing or joining in on a lot of talking, and a lot less watching a naked girl go solo on screen. Cam girls have to chat with their audience while they’re waiting for their tip jar to fill up, so unless you feel like fronting the show yourself for everyone else’s enjoyment, you’re going to need to start caring about models’ personalities. Here are a few reasons that personality matters when you’re spending hours on cam sites. There Are Plenty of Cam Girls Who Look Good Hundreds of them, all over every cam site you can find. If they didn’t look good, they wouldn’t be able to make money camming. What really sets cam girls apart from the competition is how they act during their down time and how they…

What To Do When Offered Free Services By A Cam Girl

In a performer-customer relationship, certain boundaries are set. Customers pay a certain amount for a certain time with certain limits set. Most of the time, the customer tips to encourage better performance or support the cam girl. On rare occasions, though, the cam girl will offer additional services to the client. This could mean an extended session, or even a free one. If a cam girl has offered you something special and unexpected, it can be tempting to jump on the offer as quick as you can. Truth is, things aren’t so simple. If a cam girl offers you free services, there are a few points you should take into consideration. This doesn’t mean turning them down, but going into the situation with both eyes open. What Are Her Motives? If she’s offering something for free, she has a reason for doing so. Sometimes, it’s out of appreciation for a customer. Perhaps you’ve been a really good customer and she wants to keep you around. Giving you free time means she can spend more time with you. Also, giving you incentives will help keep people as regular customers. You’ll have more of a reason to stick around if you’re getting free stuff every once in a while. The offer is…

How to Save a Little Extra Money on Cam Sites

If sex cam services are something a man plans on using often, then it’s very easy for a hefty bill to add up over time. While there is nothing wrong with paying a little extra for great service, after a while it might be time to start looking into ways to cutting down the cost a little bit. If sex cam fees are becoming an issue, here are a few tips on how to save a little extra money on cam sites. Shop around to See if There Is Something Cheaper This should probably be one of the most obvious solutions of all, but sometimes the best thing a person can do to cut back costs is to shop around for something better. There a ton of websites that have reviews about both service and price, so it’s going to do a frequent customer a lot of good to take some time and do a little research if they are looking to save some money. They might even find a site with better service for a cheaper price. Cut Back on Camming Cutting back on cam sessions doesn’t necessarily have to be a person’s first option for saving money. But, if a client finds themselves on cam sites every day…

Giving Gifts To Performers: Is It Really A Good Idea?

If you’ve spent time around cam girls, chances are you’ve heard of giving them gifts. Many girls have a system set up that allows fans to buy them toys or lingerie. This can lead to some really hot experiences. You get to see a beautiful woman dressed in something you picked out. Getting an unusual toy can lead to a special performance. By buying a dildo for a performer, you get to have a choice of the cock she is playing with. Despite how sexy the idea is, in application it might not be the best idea. They’re expensive, and the results aren’t always satisfying. If you’re looking to get the best performance for your dollar, think before opening up a wishlist. Bang For Your Buck There’s a reason she hasn’t bought out her own wishlist. Chances are, the toys are expensive, and she already has similar things to fill her needs. Before you buy something, ask yourself: what new experience is this going to bring? Is it special enough, compared to what’s going on now, to justify the cost? Chances are, a good toy or piece of lingerie is going to cost the same as a lot of cam time. Consider upping your tips a few nights to give…

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Cam Girl

Looking at cam sites for the first time can be hard. Many guys don’t say anything at all in chat at first, or they say too much and get themselves banned. How can you know what to say? What are some of the mistakes to avoid? Here’s five things you might not realize can get you in trouble with a cam girl when you’re new. “I’ll Pay Anything” Sure, it’s easy to get attached if you haven’t done a lot of cam viewing. It feels pretty special having her do things for you, right? That’s the thrill of cam sites… but it can also be one of the traps of cam sites. Remember that she’s doing this for money, and if you get too attached to her, she can drain your wallet dry in a heartbeat. If you’re making special requests or asking for private shows, ask her the price first, don’t give her your financial limits… or she won’t have any hesitations about jacking up the price as high as you’re willing to pay. That’s supply and demand for you. Getting Dirtier Than the Rest of the Chat Most cam sites let girls choose who to keep in their channels and who to kick out. In other words, seeing…


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