Why Chatting will Make Your Cam Girl Like You More

Cam sites can be a unique experience, especially when you are viewing a public show. Public shows are usually free, and many people like to watch and sometimes talk in the chat room. It is important for your cam girls to receive feedback, and providing it in a polite, appreciative manner is the fastest way to get in good with your cam girl. If you want to build a good relationship with your cam girl and potentially get special requests filled and maybe even discounts on services, chatting in her public room can one of the best ways to start getting your cam girl to notice and like you. No Lurking Don’t just sit there and say nothing. A lot of the time, cam girls will see several people watching her show while no one says a word. It’s creepy to have a bunch of people who simply watch silently. While it can be a little awkward to try and get conversation going, it will be appreciated if you get people talking. You don’t even need to start a conversation with other people to do it. Talking to her is the easiest way to get things going, so make sure that if you are thinking of something flattering, type it…

Giving Gifts To Performers: Is It Really A Good Idea?

If you’ve spent time around cam girls, chances are you’ve heard of giving them gifts. Many girls have a system set up that allows fans to buy them toys or lingerie. This can lead to some really hot experiences. You get to see a beautiful woman dressed in something you picked out. Getting an unusual toy can lead to a special performance. By buying a dildo for a performer, you get to have a choice of the cock she is playing with. Despite how sexy the idea is, in application it might not be the best idea. They’re expensive, and the results aren’t always satisfying. If you’re looking to get the best performance for your dollar, think before opening up a wishlist. Bang For Your Buck There’s a reason she hasn’t bought out her own wishlist. Chances are, the toys are expensive, and she already has similar things to fill her needs. Before you buy something, ask yourself: what new experience is this going to bring? Is it special enough, compared to what’s going on now, to justify the cost? Chances are, a good toy or piece of lingerie is going to cost the same as a lot of cam time. Consider upping your tips a few nights to give…

3 Things You Shouldn’t Reveal About Yourself to Cam Girls

Privacy is one of the day’s biggest issues, it seems. You hear about it just about everywhere you turn. No matter where you go on the web, someone is concerned about your privacy. Don’t let that someone be a malicious person who wants to exploit your lack of privacy. When you’re using the web, you need to keep yourself safe, even when you might not think you need to. What does that mean for you and your favorite adult web cam site? Well, as a matter of fact, it means a lot. You want to get down and nasty on cam without too much risk. That’s why we’re here to equip you with a bit of advice that should keep you safe and preserve the sexy atmosphere you want. When you’re chatting with cam girls, you might feel pretty friendly towards them. That’s their job, after all! You need to be careful that you don’t reveal too much, however. Even if one of them might not ever take advantage of you, it’s good to be mindful of what you say in public. Watch out when it comes to these topics. Don’t Talk About Your Actual Real Name Ever When you sign up on a cam site, the first thing you…

3 Things Cam Girls Do to Try to Get You to Tip More

In the middle of getting funky with a cam girl that you’re really attracted to, nothing is more of a mood killer than when she stops the show and starts telling everyone to start tipping more. That can be a real bummer. It might even make you move on to another show. However, just because a cam girl isn’t outright telling you that she wants to see you tip more, she’s still going to be trying things to make it happen. You need to be on the lookout for the tactics that most cam models use to try and get you to tip more. Of course, it’s all fine if you don’t mind the extra tips, but if you’re on a budget, you need to know when to hold on to them. In this article, we’ll tip you off to three things that cam girls do to make this work in their favor. You’ll be able to save tokens and keep on enjoying the show in no time when you’re through. Here’s what you can learn. They’ll Stop the Show In the Middle of Things As we’ve already discussed, some models will simply stop the show. However, some models take this a step further. They will actually have the whole…


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