Why It’s A Good Idea to Try Out More than One Cam Girl

Do you have a favorite cam girl? Most people who spend time on cam sites do. Maybe she’s got the perfect body type, or she’s a good performer, or the price is right… or if you’re lucky, all three! Even if you find a great cam girl, though, you shouldn’t spend all your cam site time with just one performer. It’s a good idea to split your time and try out other cam girls, too. Why? Here’s a few reasons you might not have thought about.

Set Yourself Up In Case She Quits

You don’t know everything that’s going on in your favorite cam girl’s life. Changes in her situation might force her to quit camming, or she may have a plan to only do cam work for a limited time. If she leaves the business, having other girls you enjoy watching will cushion the blow for you and give you a way to keep enjoying your cam site time even without her around.

Don’t Be Limited to Her Schedule

Even if camming’s her full time job, she won’t be on all the time. You don’t want to have your cam site time limited to the times she’s online. You’re watching cam girls, not dating! You don’t have to avoid all the other hotties out there for fear of offending your favorite. Pick a girl you enjoy at a time that’s convenient for you, and get the most out of your time and money.

Avoid Getting Too Attached

You’re not dating… but if you just spend time with one cam girl, it’s easy to get as attached as if you were. Talking to her and watching her exclusively can start to feel like you have a sexy long-distance connection. Don’t forget that this is a job for her, though. If she wants to date you, you’ll know. If she doesn’t, you’re the one who’s going to get hurt if you wind up too invested in your connection. Watching plenty of different cams can help you avoid the pitfalls of falling for your favorite cam girl.

Save $$$

New performers usually charge bargain-basement fees while they’re still building an audience. Some performers who are part-time or casual might keep their fees low because they don’t have to survive on the money. Keeping your eyes open for performers who look good at prices that beat your usual can get you great experiences on the cheap. Getting locked into watching your favorite girl and no one else means that when her prices go up – and if she’s good, they will – your costs go up just as much. You can offset that by spending more of your time with the cheaper girls, and saving time with her for a treat that’s worth the price.

Enjoy New Experiences

Cam watching isn’t a home-cooked meal, where you just get what’s served to you and hope you like it. Cam watching is going out to a buffet, where everybody’s tastes can be indulged. You’re the customer: don’t stick with just one dish on the buffet when you can sample them all! Couples cams, fetish cams and different ages and body types might be just what you need to scratch an itch your usual girl doesn’t satisfy.


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