The Dos and Don’ts of Following Your Cam Favorites on Social Media

There are a lot of different ways to keep track of your absolute favorites on cam sites, and one of the best ways to do that is with social media. You need to know the ins and outs, however.

We’re in the know.

There are a lot of different professionals out there in the business world, and the girls on cam sites in general aren’t any different. They just want you to keep track of them.

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That’s what a lot of social media is used for these days, and it’s a great advertising tool for these ladies to get out there and really attract a much larger audience.

That being said, there’s a way to actually follow them, and there’s a way that’s honestly a little bit too creepy. Cam girl twitters are supposed to be fun, not weird for you.

Following Your Favorites on Social Media Doesn’t Need to be Creepy. Here’s How to Do It Right.

There’s a new, fun trend that a lot of cam sites are doing, and that’s that they are having their cam girls actually make active Twitter accounts for you to end up following.

This is awesome, especially when it’s a whole other level of interaction and fun that you can have with a cam girl, and it’s going to end up being entirely for free online.

There are a few no-nos when it comes to following this kind of thing, however, and it’s something that you do need to keep in mind whenever you’re checking them out.

Chat and comment, of course.

There’s no reason that you can’t chat and comment with these cam girls on their Twitter accounts. That is, obviously, one of the reasons that they made their accounts.

Don’t be shy about applying the discounts and special offers that they’ve got posted there, and don’t be afraid to actually chat with them about how great a show was.

You can really end up having a blast like this, and if she’s one of your favorites, it’s like having a special treat on your Twitter timeline every single time that you sign on.

Don’t harass her, though.

Weirded Out Woman

If she isn’t talking back to you and you keep persisting, that’s just going to end up coming off as a little creepy. Cam girl social sites aren’t something that should get weird like that.

These girls are here as an extra benefit for you, and that means that if you creep them out, they’re just going to end up leaving and then you’ll have absolutely nothing.

You want to make sure that you don’t come off as stalking them, or they’re just going to leave entirely. Be polite and nice, and don’t push too hard if they just end up ignoring you.

Don’t find her personal account.

Cam girls usually have an online persona, and sometimes, you’ll come across their actual, main Twitter accounts. That doesn’t mean that you should follow them.

If you do this, that’s just going to end up scaring her, and it’s going to be really awkward for her. Most people aren’t going to be happy sharing this information with their family.

These girls are doing this kind of work because they want to, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in their life is going to be okay with it. Make sure to respect that.

Keep it safe from your own personal life.

If you’re going to follow her twitter, make sure that you’re actually taking the time to make a separate account to do so. You don’t want to do it with your main account.

If you do, then the chance that your workplace or family will find out that you follow a cam girl will be much higher, and obviously, that can end up getting you into some trouble. Be careful.


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